Enjoy your First 30-minute SRT (Subconscious Release Technique) Clearing Session on us!

Our First and Primary Goal is to Change your LIFE and to share this amazing Energy Clearing Technique with the World! For most people they like the help of a Coach or Practitioner and they love the feeling of Being a Part of a TEAM, so if after your session you would like to hear about additional SRT Healing & Coaching Programs we offer, simply let your SRT Practitioner know and they can help you find the right fit for you. We have packages that work with everyone's price point and commitment level! 

We are so excited for you to Experience your Session! Enjoy!

(To Learn how to do the Subconscious Release Technique on Yourself...visit www.SubconsciousReleaseTechnique.com)

CEO & Founder Coral Grant

In 2010, Coral created the Subconscious Release Technique or SRT. After being exposed to several different healing modalities, with Coral's Pragmatic and Logical approach to Business, she created a Technique that removed any unnecessary complexities and with God's Help would simply get herself and her clients quantum leap results in the shortest amount of time possible. Now she and her Clients are able to Remove their Limits and Move forward with GodSpeed...

During Your SRT Session...
We will INSTANTLY Remove Subconscious Emotional Triggers that Cause Self-Doubt, Stress, FEAR, Anxiety, & MORE...

Meet our SRT Practitioners
Katy Bartlett
Colorado, USA
Katy Bartlett is a SRT Certified Master Life Coach, a 3 time International best selling Author, and is featured several times in the Mind Body Soul magazine highlighting her work with SRT and client's amazing results. 

She is a public speaker and was a delegate for the Women's Economic and Empowerment forum in India.

She comes from a diverse background which includes the Performing arts, and the Holistic and Natural healing industry.
Katy has coached people from all walks of life and from many countries. Her expertise ranges from individuals seeking to create a better life for themselves by cleaning up their current issues, to business owners and coaching for companies to take massive action and level up their employees to grow the business.
She has a love for life that has her climbing mountains and challenging herself and her clients to their highest achievements.

If you choose to coach with Katy, be prepared to be challenged in a good way to have huge shifts! 
Her passion for people and getting them results, is what makes people want to work with her.

She has great love for mankind, and her personal passion is to create World peace by Helping everyone reach and live their best potential which makes her a coach for all people.

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Jenn Marie Smith
Texas, USA
SRT Practitioner
Transformation Coach
Corporate Mindset Trainer 

I am a physical billboard testimony of the power of SRT. Wheelchair/walker/home- bound to walking/driving/swimming in less than 8 weeks after utilizing SRT. If it did this to my body can you imagine what it has done for my mind, relationship with God, my family and my business? Transformational....

Witnessing the life changing experience SRT provided I immediately launched my practice that has expanded into high level private coaching attracting savvy women and high level professionals, corporate mindset programs, speaking engagements, providing support to network marketing teams and assisting coaches and wellness professionals in adding SRT to private practices. 

Also blessed as a wife, mom of four, and homeschooling Texan finding joy in family. I spend time in the community, connecting, networking and own and run professional organizations in Texas and the southern region of the United States.

As a quick, powerful SRT Master Practitioner I will clear what is holding you back from the wealth, health and intimacy that you desire. I passionately believe when you have the tools, the results are quick and the possibilities for your life are endless. You will break through the subconscious patterns which have affected your ability to claim success in your professional and personal life. You will find that you become more successful faster and with less effort and stress than you ever dreamed possible. 

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Michelle Hyken
Colorado, USA
My name is Michelle. I am the Vice President of SRT Global, a Master Energy Clearing Coach, and an Angel Therapy Practitioner®. 

I combine Angel Wisdom and intuition to help you BUST through old limiting Paradigms and Programs. I am gentle but firm; sweet but direct. I am committed to You getting Results!
Oh and by the way, we might have fun working together 

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Nadia Asghar
Ontario, Canada
Hi, I am Nadia and My VISION is to break the pattern of GENERATIONAL TRAUMA.
I am a Mom, social worker, teacher and I am Certified SRT Life and Trauma Coach working with clients worldwide.
I am specialized in clearing past traumas, releasing emotional blocks and programs in self-sabotage, self-love and self-doubt.
Are you tired of wondering why you keep repeating the same patterns over and over in your life, no matter how hard you try to change things and make it better? Then you, my friend, are in the right place.
With the help of different result oriented techniques like SRT, tapping, memory replacement, visualizations, future pacing and many more my clients are able to overcome their challenges in record time and they have been able to create a healthier, happier and purposeful life for themselves.
My goal is to empower women and young girls with tools so that they can not only live a better life but also help their families as well.

I can’t wait to work with you and help change your life..

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Hootan Ziary
Texas, USA
Our relationship with God is the most important relationship we can cultivate in our lifetime. It is the relationship that feeds us from the inside, gives us power and courage to move forward, gain insight and wisdom that is beneficial to us, tap into the creative flow to co-create our lives, and feel the transformative emotion of love for Him, ourselves, and His Creation.

I have always been fascinated and committed to helping others find their connection to God, reach their full human potential, connect and love themselves on a profound level and my greatest source of happiness is to be of service to God and His Creation.

I specialize in healing trauma, developing a strong mindset towards life, reprogramming limiting thoughts into empowering beliefs, and helping others to tap into the infinite source of love, peace, and happiness that is within them.

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Huma Haider
Ontario, Canada
Hi, I am Huma and I was born with a passion to help others. Being a Certified Hypnotist, NLP Practitioner, Rapid Transformation Therapy practitioner and a Certified SRT Coach, I work with clients worldwide and I can safely say that you can achieve your goals faster using the power of your subconscious mind!

I work with clients using SRT and incorporating it with Hypnosis and the results have been absolutely mind-blowing. Through the combination of multiple methods such as Inner child work, parts therapy, and being divinely guided, each session is unique to you and brings about positive energy shifts. The value you get from each session and the freedom you will experience is just priceless. My clients feel so relaxed as if a heavy rock has been lifted off their chest and they do not even realize just how much emotional baggage they were carrying for so many years!

My aim and passion is to help release your inner conflicts and blocks and empower you to be the best version of yourself so you can live an uncompromised life. I absolutely LOVE what I do and this love, energy, passion, and Divine guidance is what I bring into the session. I am also a proud winner of the Mississauga Reader’s Choice Award:

Best Hypnosis 2020 & 2021 
Best Holistic Health/Healing category 2020 and;
Best Life Coach - 2021.  

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Catryn Becker
Texas, USA
Catryn is a SRT Coach and Partner, an environmental engineer, and a llama mama (yes really!).
Catryn, Cat for short, first pursued her desire to help others by helping the Earth. She has worked in industrial and corporate settings since 2003 but never felt the fulfillment she sought.

Her life was forever transformed when she was introduced to the power of releasing subconscious thoughts. SRT as a healing modality particularly spoke to Cat's engineering side since SRT is essentially just reprogramming or reengineering the brain. Now Cat devotes her time to helping others identify and release limiting beliefs so that they may live the life they desire.

Catryn lives in a national forest outside of Houston, TX with her husband, two kids, and a menagerie of animals include llamas, tortoises, geckos, chickens, cats, and dogs!

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Suzette Berry
Kansas, USA
My purpose in life is to help others...

My husband was asked by our son once about why he wanted to marry me. His response was, “she is the kindest person I know and she puts every person in this family before herself. I don’t know anyone else like her, and that innate kindness she demonstrates reminds me to be better.” That does sum my goal; I desire to grow in love and success every day, AS I INSPIRE others to do the same.

I manifested my life, from my dream farm, to my husband, even my car. I want to help my clients manifest their dreams too. My children and animals and husband are joys in my life and I desire to help others attain their desires, joys and loves in their lives. 

I help my clients with clarification of goals, boosting confidence, releasing energy blocks and beliefs that hold them back from going after and getting their dreams and then teaching and clearing their way to manifesting their dream life.

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Aubrey Bahr
Florida, United States
Aubrey is a SRT Coach, Reiki master, Licensed Massage Therapist and professional Photographer. She is passionate about health and wellness and shares that passion with everyone she meets. She loves being able to help others realize their potential and grow in all aspects of life.

Aubrey is an Alaskan girl living in Florida with her husband and daughter, enjoys hiking, mountain biking and camping with her family and dogs.

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Stephanie Smith
Georgia, USA
My name is Stephanie Rochelle Smith. I am a Master Energy Clearing Coach, Problem Solver and Realtor.

This sweet but direct 30+ year computer programmer, knew she was called for more, so she asked God to “Stretch Me”. 

She’s a wife, woman of God, mom of four, speaker, certified life coach and best-selling author of “A Cracked Egg-A story of Loss and Love to Resilient Overcomer”.

After overcoming losing her son and being left broke and broken after Divorce in 2012, she began her assignment, in supporting women to move forward and grab their new beginning.

She specializes in working with women entrepreneurs who are ready to Manifest their Soulmate and Money they deserve by breaking through old Patterns and Programs that no longer serve your future.

You’re meant for MORE and I’m committed to YOU getting Results!

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Donna Jenkinson
Spain and UK
Hi, my name is Donna and I am thrilled that you are here in the right place to learn just how you can remove all old outdated patterns, blocks and programs that until now have maybe being holding you back from being the very best version of you!

I have been a Clinical Hypnotherapist and a Lead trainer for a Hypnotherapy training school for a number of years now, however only since 
learning about SRT have I noticed SUPER accelerated results that just take you to another level using the power of your subconscious mind, right where the magical transformations happen!

They say we can have up to 90,000 thoughts per day and most of those are habitual (same thoughts every day based on our life experience).

That means if you are repeatedly firing off the same ones creating stress – its no wonder you are in your’ stress' part of the nervous system and being held back!

Together we can identify the stressors and ‘clear’ them once and for all – freeing you to be the very best you.

I would LOVE to connect with you and show you how you can finally be free!

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Barbara Anselmi
New Jersey, USA
Hi, my name is Barbara. I am a Certified SRT, Law of Attraction, Ancestral Forgiveness and Energy Mastery Coach, as well as SRT Global Partner. I’ve helped hundreds of people around the world release emotional pain, shift their beliefs and have faith in themselves and the universe so they can change their lives for the better. I believe when we are in balance and harmony with our emotions and desires, we can manifest what we really, truly want — consciously. We can have better relationships, prosperity, peace, joy and unlimited possibilities for the future.

I believe in the power of prayer and have been graced by miraculous blessings by the Blessed Mother more than once.

I know my life’s calling is to show others how to regain their power and faith so they can create their own daily miracles. I’d love to help you shift your mindset and vibrations to attract what you really want in your life. By reclaiming the peace and power that’s inside of you, I will help you manifest your desires and miracles. I know in my heart that it is my mission, and I will do everything I can to support you with the guidance, energy work, tools and heart-felt support you deserve to help you create the life you really want. That’s my promise to you. ♥ 

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Salma Khattab
Hi! I'm Salma Khattab, The Breakthrough Hypnocoach.

I am a Certified SRT Coach, Certified Embodiment Coach, and Licensed Rapid Transformational Therapy Practitioner, with an MBA and background in business. My work combines multiple methods and modalities, and facilitates inner child healing, shadow work, parts integration, and connecting with one's soul's guidance.

I provide my coaching services in English or Arabic to professionals from all over the world. My clients tend to be Empaths and Highly Sensitive Persons (though many do not know it) and they are purpose-driven and keen on making a social impact.

My coaching program is customized to reset, upgrade, and align your body, mind, energy, and life and to transform your state of being by:
clearing your body of pain, tension, and overwhelm using conscious movement,
deep-diving into your mind and rewiring it for success using subconscious reprogramming,
and integrating your breakthrough transformation and influencing your reality using embodiment coaching.
After working with me you will:
Feel lighter, more regulated, more in control and more empowered to be, live, and serve the way you want in the reality that you create.
Maintain healthy and fruitful personal and professional relationships, including with yourself.

Consistently perform at your highest level from a balanced state of flow that feels easy and effortless.

Feel alive, light, energized, free and fully connected with your healthy body.

Make peace with your loved ones and find valuable wisdom through your past experiences that can be applied to your business, career, relationships, health, and finances.

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Zora Hanáčková, PhD
Panama City, Panama
Hi, my name is Zora, I am an empath, teacher, and therapist of various advanced energy healing modalities, with a strong background in science.

More than 25 years of energy work taught me that there is always a solution, there is always a way how to get better. I am a Traditional Reiki Teacher, and hold diplomas and certifications in Zen Shiatsu, One Brain System Kinesiology, EFT tapping, Atlantis Arolo Tifar, and others. Getting certified in SRT allowed me to dive even deeper into the roots of healing. Helping people to get better and seeing them thrive is my calling and my greatest joy.

For years I was wondering how to connect my scientific research with my deep interest in energy work and healing. This dream became reality with my own transformation and since then I have been helping people in many countries to understand themselves, to heal and to transform their lives.

Blending my scientific mind with high-level energy work and my special skills as an empath, I can see deep mental and emotional causes hidden behind physical symptoms.

If past traumas or anxiety are holding you from living your best life, if you are a highly sensitive person and the energies from outside overwhelm you, schedule your session with me and I will help you to achieve inner peace and freedom. We will directly treat the cause of your symptoms, heal emotions you are holding in your body, and you will get fast and lasting results at all levels – physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.
Decide to get well now, schedule your free SRT session in English, Spanish or Slovak, I am here for you.

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Manoj Varghese
Maryland, USA
God is the foundation of Manoj's life mastery coaching practice. The subconscious mind is an area of expertise, and he incorporates the very best of Subconscious Release Technique (SRT), Hypnotherapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), EFT Tapping into sessions where appropriate.

As an avid Forex (currency) trader, Manoj is passionate about helping clients achieve COMPLETE Mental Mastery Over Your Money. 

Book a session with him if you want a WEALTH MAKEOVER for Your Mind, including:
- Increased ability to Ask and Receive what your worth,
- Seeing Wealth Building Opportunities that others do not see,
- Shifting to a Happy Relationship with Money Making,
- Increasing your Ability to Build Teams and Communities for Monetization,
- Dramatically Upgrade Your Organization / Productivity Mindset,
- Reduce Overwhelm / Fear of Debt and Bills,
- Let go of Grudges, Losses, and other Money Traumas
- Erase Self-Sabotage Cycles and Patterns with Spending/Money Loss,
- Delete Limiting Money Beliefs (ex: "Money is the root of all evil")
- Unleash your "Midas Touch" with Business and Investing

Manoj leads Regular prayer calls for Deliverance, Healing, Spiritual Warfare, and World Affairs. Please reach out to him for prayers for you or your loved ones, or to be added to his free facebook groups for Prayers and Bible study.

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Kimberly Reid, MNLP, C.Ht.
Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
Kimberly Reid has been on a mission to find better ways of living since age 5! 

She is a certified SRT Coach as well as a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Master Practitioner of NeuroLinguistic Programming, NLP Life Coach and Reiki Energy Practitioner. She delights in utilizing these tools, along with claircognizance, to produce tangible and lasting results for her clients, with an over 90% success rate! Her coaching style is truth delivered with compassion and humor. 

Past clients have presented with post-suicide attempts; post-incest; post-rape; post-abortion; and other post traumatic (and not so traumatic) life events. Regardless of what is keeping you stuck, she will help you find the answers, peace and success for which your soul longs. If you truly desire deep transformation, Kimberly is your coaching partner. 

Additionally, Kimberly is a world-traveler; published author; an award-winning quilter and chili maker; and a mom of two, rescue kitties.

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Cary Ouellette
Maine, USA
I am a Wellness Advocate, SRT Coach, and Partner. 

I have been helping people live a more natural and healthy
lifestyle by using essential oils, natural products, and releasing blocks with SRT. SRT is a beautiful and powerful way of releasing blocks that are preventing you from living the life you desire. I take a heart centric approach to this work and connect deeply
with my clients. I believe taking small steps to improve your life will impact you greatly! I work with people who are ready to make impactful changes in their lives and I am here to support you along the way. Life's too short not to feel your best, allow
me to assist you in this journey of feeling healthier, happier, and lighter. 

Cary lives in Maine with her partner, 3 children, 2 cats
and 2 fish. They love to travel, get outside in nature, and dance!

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Alisha Hicks
Texas, USA
Alisha Hicks, Herbalist, Ayurvedic Nutritionist, and SRT Practicioner. 

Wanting a way to combine coaching for mind, body, and environment, Alisha chose the education pieces to work coherently together as a way to walk clients away from toxic lifestyles and into a clean second chance at a healthy and well life. 

Alisha can has designed a 77 day program customizable to each individuals goals. Alisha has a company, Heritage Havens that can supply holistic products to the public as needed, or to clients as support to the program. 

Our mission is to educate, and raise you to a strength level that will allow you to easily continue living a life full of wellness on your own. 

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Zaynab Kathirgamathamby
Toronto, Canada
My name is Zaynab, I am a Certified SRT Practitioner, a Certified Hypnotherapist and Rapid Transformational Therapy Practitioner. 

I feel passionately about helping women and girls free themselves of their subconscious baggage. E.g. of the disconnect, confusion, fear, shame, self-loathing, self-abandonment and other toxic consequences of growing up in less functional or traumatic situations. 

How you want to be but believe it’s out of reach, impossible, unattainable - let’s make it effortlessly, naturally, joyfully you.

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Martha Newell
Mississippi, USA
Hello and welcome! You have found the peace and hope you have been searching for right here. The old patterns and programs running your life now stop here. So come on in and create the abundant life you deserve.

As an SRT Energy Clearing Coach, a Licensed Master Level Social Worker (LMSW) for 20 years and a Teacher, I will help you create the abundant life of your dreams. We take a deep dive to the core of what is keeping you stuck in your life, relationships or business.

Get ready to be rid of mental/emotional blocks and stopping patterns. I will provide you with the tools and technique to create the life you are meant to live.

I am excited already for you and can't wait to meet you.

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Alicia Bozza
New Jersey, USA
Hello there! My name is Alicia Bozza. 💛
I am a 5-time certified SRT Practitioner, a Member of the SRT Leadership Team, A Certified Hypnotherapist, Certified Ho'oponopono Practitioner,
Author of the 72 Names of God Sacred Angel Deck,
Certified Intuitive Spiritual Development Practitioner
Professional Vocalist and Sound Healer (tuning forks and more!)

My specialty is Inner Child Work.
I love taking time to seek the child within for a profound healing session.

My husband Daniel and I have been married since 1991. We have 4 boys and 3 girls.

My joy is to clear the energy that holds you back from living your best life! I work together with you to wipe away the blocks that hold you back so that you have a clean slate to create the life that YOU want to live!

I love co-creating with you! Let’s design your new life together!

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Jackie Gale
New Jersey, USA
Coach Jackie is a Certified Grief Coach, SRT Partner, and Emotional and Spiritual Wellness Coach, specializing in helping you get UNSTUCK from buried grief.

With the amazing SRT Coaching Techniques, you will enjoy a new freedom to finally move beyond negative emotions and hidden programs from buried loss, and Enjoy YOUR New Life of Abundant Wholeness!

Jackie incorporates Spiritual Wellness healing modality with SRT to facilitate the release of Emotional blocks.  You GET to EXPERIENCE a NEW way of Thinking, Living, and Being; from Grief to HOPE!

Coach Jackie is intuitive, encouraging, and compassionate, having journeyed her own way through loss and grief.  She offers you powerful techniques and tools to effect a positive mindset shift, so that you can release hidden emotional blocks to achieve your own successful transformation.

It is possible to emerge stronger and even more vital than you ever imagined possible.  There IS hope and NEW LIFE after loss.  Welcome to SRT Coaching where you can Experience, Discover, and Become the best version of yourself, NOW!

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Destiny DeHaven
Texas, USA
Destiny calls herself a "Pattern Breaker and Bullshit Detector." Using proven tools like Neuro Linguistic Programming, the Subconscious Release Technique, and Hypnotherapy; Destiny helps stressed out, overwhelmed entrepreneurs live their most fulfilling life. Through her 4-week energy clearing sessions they stop playing small, gain clarity, and grow their business THEIR way. 

Destiny loves Schitt’s Creek, Spaceballs the movie, dry British wit, painting rocks, and empowering others to step into their power. She has appeared as a guest on several podcasts as well as on stage (both live and virtual). Destiny, enjoys speaking about Breaking the Pattern of Procrastination, Breaking Limiting Beliefs, and Empowering Kids to be Resilient.  

After moving from Hawaii to Wyoming, and making a 6 year pit stop in Colorado; Destiny and her husband as well as their dog, Chance, now call Texas home. 

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Jessica Baker
Pennsylvania, USA
My name is Jessica and I have always had a burning passion to help and empower others in their lives and to contribute. I am a Licensed Social Worker and have been working in the field of Social work and educational leadership in a myriad of capacities and settings for close to 30 years. I have spent a great deal of my time working in urban environments with individuals (youth and families) who have experienced trauma and abuse, as well as, in private therapy practices. Regardless of the setting, my passion has always been work to support and empower individuals with living and creating their most fulfilled life experience. Healing ourselves and getting to the root of the issue is the way to accomplish all of this.

I am here to empower YOU to live your most fulfilled life experience. We will get to the root of whatever is in your way of accomplishing this and you will receive positive results. I have a very strong intuitive nature and my approach is very gentle, loving, direct and positive, while holding a very safe and sacred space for you. Utilizing SRT, we will get right to the core of the issue and clear it, so that you can create from the truth, without living in the heaviness of the emotional pattern. I will also empower you with techniques that you can utilize in your daily living that will an enhance your life experience.

I have certifications from Mindfulness Schools and Academy of Wisdom and Illuminations of Light Inc and studied many other healing modalities.

It is my honor to work with you! I am excited to support you!

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Dr. Karen Stillman
Ontario, Canada
I’m Karen and I have always been called to healing. Initially, my journey led me to medicine, where I practiced as an Obstetrician & Gynecologist for over 12 years. Along the way, I realized that I was seeking out additional resources to serve my clients to their best wellness.

As a single Mum of 2, I did the same at home, as it was a challenge raising a son with Asperger’s and ADHD alone.

My life had a dramatic turn when I developed severe and debilitating back pain that my 10 year-old daughter had to help me dress! I shifted my focus and became a certified Reiki Master, Aqualead Master, Meditator and Ayurvedic Yoga Teacher. As I saw more positive results with these methods, I decided to pivot my work and become a Transformational Life Coach.

By combining my knowledge and skills as a physician with Life Coaching and the other tools, I have added the ultimate tool: SRT. With this mix, my children and I are now well and thriving. I am honored to share these gifts so you, too, can begin living the life you truly love.

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Ruth Ronan
Tennessee, USA
I am the COO of SRT Global and a Mind Energy Health Coach. 
I look forward to helping those who are looking to uplevel their life in all areas.

SRT has changed my life drastically by helping me in overcoming my childhood trauma and abuse as well as assisting me deal with the effects from my former job. As a result of the work I have done on myself, I am able to truly love myself. My experiences, as well as my extensive training and listening to my intuition, helps me to best serve my clients to get them the results they want. 

I retired in 2017 from the Chicago Police Department as Sergeant with 27 ½ years of service. I am married to my husband, who is in Law Enforcement and we have two awesome teenage boys and I have a beautiful step-daughter. I am passionate about health & fitness and believe in the power of the mind body connection.

I am certified in Emotion Code and Body Code, am Peer Support trained and certified in Crisis Intervention for Juveniles and Veterans.

I work with any and all clients from birth and up as well as your 4 legged loved ones. 

I offer discounts to Military & First Responders.

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Jessica Howerton
North Carolina, USA 
Don't just survive...THRIVE.

It is with great joy that I have been able to witness clients embrace their own ability to heal. I have been helping others thru their journeys for over 5 years. My accreditations include Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Energy Medicine, Reiki along with many others. The Subconscious Release Technique by far can get to the core by pushing out mental and emotional blocks that often times are not cognitively clear to the client. Everyone benefits from utilizing SRT. Let's work together in uncovering and clearing out any of the unknowns, so you can THRIVE and not just survive.

I look forward to connecting with you. 

Love, Light and Prayers sent your way. 

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Kiersten Blest
North Carolina, USA
I’m Kiersten and I’m a mindset, energy and manifestation coach, Quantum Reiki Master and Partner with SRT Global - and I’m 100% focused on helping my clients get results in less time so they can move forward and create real transformation.

I’ll help you stop counter-manifesting what you don’t want - in your relationships, your business or in any area of your life - and help you accelerate what you do want. 

My focus is breaking through mindset, emotional and energetic blocks that are holding you back, creating self-doubt or self sabotage, or creating plateaus in your income. I blend only proven methods that are all based on modern science, quantum physics and ancient wisdom. SRT clearing is at the core of every session. 

I can also help you discover exactly who you came to this lifetime to be and what you came here to do. I offer Human Design readings that will reconnect you to your authentic purpose, help you remove resistance in life, and discover how to live with more flow and ease.

I promise to keep it all simple - and will take you step by step through the exact processes I followed that completely changed my life! 

I’m so excited for us to meet and discover how we can best work together! 

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Maryann Hesse
Arizona, USA
Maryann is an intuitive transformational coach and SRT Global partner who is passionate about helping people live the life they came here to live so they don’t get to the end of it with the Music still IN them.

She uses a holistic approach, drawing from her 35+ years experience in the nutrition, personal fitness and energetic healing realms. Her work with women worldwide allows them to clear physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and energetic blocks that are keeping them from fully giving the gifts they came here to give.

Her keen psychological insights, powerful intuition, problem solving skills, and mass communication as an author/speaker have helped hundreds of people through radical transformation and crisis of meaning.

She is a contributing author in: Empowered Voices:True Stories by Awakened Women and Tender Voices: True Stories by Women on a Journey of Love

Here is what one of her clients had to say:
“Working with Maryann has been a game-changer for me, my life and my business.

I was carrying around a LOT of fears, blocks and old traumas that were affecting my personal relationships and my ability to create the kind of business I really wanted.

I went from being a people pleaser to having strong, healthy boundaries, and now have a flourishing business I LOVE.

If you feel like you keep seeing the same things happening again and again in your life, but you’re not sure how, or why, despite making changes, this work WILL have an incredible impact.

Maryann has a loving and jovial yet no nonsense quality to her that helped me feel safe working through all this old energy and into living who I truly am without the emotional baggage.

If you have a desire to change something in your life, AND are ready and willing to do deep energetic work that WILL transform your life, I highly recommend Maryann.

She is incredible!”—M.P., Transformational Business Coach for Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs

You will start experiencing more Joy, Love, Happiness and Abundance as your life transforms in seemingly miraculous ways.

This is your invitation to come more completely into who you really BE and fully express yourself in all areas of your life with unwavering certainty.

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Jennifer Ford
Ohio, USA
Jennifer is a SRT Coach and Partner, instructor in the corporate world, mom/wife and leader in her wellness community. She is passionate about empowering women through holistic health and mindset. She believes in having a “tool box” full of various modalities including essential oils and reiki to customize each person’s journey. 

With a background in education, she is passionate about teaching women ways to grow and work through blocks without having to “just smile through the pain.” As a former college cheerleader, she cheers you along your journey reminding you that you have the power and knowledge already, it’s just a matter of clearing subconscious limiting beliefs, programs and patterns.

She is the founder of the Facebook group called "Empowerment Sisterhood” providing hope, sisterhood and mindset tips. Jennifer looks forward to connecting with you.

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Xenia Montoya
Mexico City, Mexico
Xenia was able to make a remarkable transformation through SRT after an unstoppable deep brave yet profound and consistent healing journey from early life grief, deep and severe trauma from abandonment, rejection, sexual and emotional abuse which awakened her Sovereign Royal Queen of Self Love.

Her consistent commitment to show up for herself gave birth to her hidden brightness to radical self-love and self-honor that has massively expanded her life experience, heart desires & results.

If you are neglecting to embrace yourself, attracting relationships where you’re not valued, staying in jobs where you are undervalued and underearning over and over, or limiting your choices to a false security. It might be an indicator of ways you are not choosing yourself first and foremost. In other words you are not showing up in your True Sovereign Being…you’re not valuing yourself so others are being a reflection of your own.

It’s time to deep dive safely to heal from the root of what's causing you to hide your Sovereign Royal inside of you to full self acceptance, radical self love, profound self honor and respect.

Xenia is compassionate, brave, consistent and goal-oriented. She incorporates additional holistic modalities along with SRT which provide powerful, immediate and permanent results.

Claim your Sovereign Royal Queen/King with radical self love and manifest the life your heart desires! 

Schedule your strategy session in my agenda. 

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La notable transformación de Xenia a través de SRT; después de un viaje imparable, valiente pero profundo y consistente sanando el temprano duelo en su vida, trauma profundo por severo abandono, rechazo, abuso sexual y emocional; despertó a su Soberanía de Amor Propio.

Su compromiso constante de ayudarse a sí misma dio a luz su brillo oculto a amarse y honrarse radicalmente que ha ampliado enormemente su experiencia de vida, los deseos de su corazón y sus resultados.

Si te estás negando a aceptarte a tí misma, atrayendo relaciones en las que no eres valorada, permaneciendo en trabajos en los que no estás siendo apreciada, ganando poco una y otra vez, o limitando tus opciones por una falsa seguridad. Podría ser indicador de las formas en las que no te estás eligiendo a ti misma en primer lugar. En otras palabras, no estás amando y honrando a tu Ser... no te estás valorando a ti misma, por lo que los demás están siendo un reflejo de ti misma.

Es hora de profundizar de manera segura para sanar desde la raíz de lo que está causando que ocultes a tu Ser Real dentro de ti en plena aceptación de ti misma, amor propio radical, profundo respeto y honor.

Xenia es compasiva, valiente, constante y orientada a objetivos. Ella incorpora modalidades holísticas adicionales junto con SRT que brindan resultados poderosos, inmediatos y permanentes.

¡Reclama a tu Rey/Reina Real y Soberana con un amor propio radical y manifiesta la vida que tu corazón desea!
Emily Hartley
Florida, USA
Emily is a Master SRT Energy Clearing Coach and the Chief Communications Officer of SRT Global.
Emily is very intuitive and reaches to the root issue quickly. Her heart for people will be evident. It is her passion and purpose to help others lead full dynamic lives, especially those who have been affected by addiction personally or in their family. Her direct and influential coaching will have you feeling lighter with a clear vision for your future. 

You will renew your desire for making the most out of your life and getting real results!

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Saskia Fokkink
Saskia traveled the world for many years, worked as a water engineer in developing countries and made a career transition to be a life coach over 8 years ago. 

Sessions can be done in English, Dutch, or Spanish.

As an Intuitive Life Coach and Energy Healer. She loves to make a difference in other people's lives. She loves adventure and spirituality. She combines powerful coaching tools and energy healing techniques to help you connect with your inner power and release anything that has been holding you back from living a happy and fulfilling life. Using her intuition and the loving guidance of the angels, she is able to get to the core of your problem or issue with ease. She specializes in clearing subconscious blocks and patterns, clearing past trauma, emotional healing, self-love and happiness.

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Josette Killion
Florida, USA

If corporate America has you stressed to the maximus let me help you de-stress, remember what’s important to you, transform your environment, heal your work/life perspective, win over your challenges with others and envision your goals.

I’m Josette Killion, after more than 20 years in the corporate world I left the daily grind to focus on my personal development and to contemplate how I could be of service to others in my own way. I am so fortunate to have encountered SRT on this journey. As a Certified SRT Coach, I draw from my experience, knowledge, intuition, Angel wisdom, and other modalities to help you achieve the best and right results for you.

My specialty is work/career re-imagining, dream building, inner-child work, love & relationships, and money. I look forward to helping you design the divine plan of your life!

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Karla Zarate
West Virginia, USA
My name is Karla P Zárate. I am partner at SRT Global, SRT certified coach, mother of two wonderful children, writer and entrepreneur.

My own self-healing process brought me to SRT and couldn't be more thankfuk and blessed. My goal is for you to get the most out of this extraordinary technique.

I have witnessed amazing transformations with SRT, including mine. I truly believe there is no program we cannot reprogram. Emotional wellbeing and freedom is a decision away, YOURS. 

Sessions available in English, French and Spanish.

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Dawn Mcnemar
Louisiana, USA
Dawn is practicing as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) privately and has done so Since November of 2019. She has 17 years of counseling experience prior to coming out of a four year retirement in 2019. She continues to practice as a holistic coach as well and uses techniques and knowledge that empower people of all ages to overcome physical pain, trauma, anxiety, depression, and improve relationships, finances, and business.

She is a certified SRT energy healing practitioner, an Aroma Freedom Practitioner, Integrative Mental Health Professional, and an Usui Reiki Level II Practitioner; all of which have their unique ways of allowing the body and mind to heal itself. She teaches on weight wellness, sleep, and slowing the signs of aging.

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Alexandra Vintilica
Alexandra is a Transformational Mind & Energy Coach💛

Alexandra speaks English, Spanish and Romanian.

Using her intuition, Alexandra combines SRT with other Energy Healing Techniques and Coaching tools to help her clients rediscover their inner power and true potential.
She helps You go through the process to release those old patterns, limiting beliefs, and all the Energy that Is stuck, by getting to the core of the issue.
Alexandra is committed to personal growth and it has become her purpose and passion to help others in their journey to transform and to blossom from within.

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Blessing Mutiti
Florida, USA
Blessing is an intuitive coach, an inspirator and a mindset coach leader.

She teaches how to connect to the true self that is non-judgmental, how to listen to the inner divine guidance that is self-nurturing, and how to use affirmations to address self-limiting beliefs. Her courses will help you to effortlessly manifest your life dreams or goals and be a guardian of your vision from common setbacks.

In her lessons, she empowers her students to be mindful of their mindset and relationship with money. Ideally, she gives her students the power to address setback from a Leadership Mindset rather than a Victim Mindset. 

She has worked with other mothers inspiring them to address limitations by channeling their adversity and setbacks to their benefit and come out triumphant and victorious. Blessing believes creation is intentional and so is life events hence It is possible to live a life full of perpetual blessings rooted in the Law of Attraction.

Her class series of “I am” (addressing self-identity), “Busting the Myth,” (addressing self-limiting beliefs), and ”Becoming” (connecting to your soul purpose) will teach you how to reverse the limiting beliefs and connect the dots and fill in the gaps to create a clear vision for your life.

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Charles Johnson
North Carolina, USA
Mr. Charles W. Johnson was born and raised in a military home with strong moral beliefs. Being the son of a retired Sergeant Major and an assistant teacher, it was instilled in him at an early age to strive for excellence without excuse. As he was motivated in his life, he developed a passion to motivate others. Raised in the small rural town of Lumberton, NC, he excelled academically, athletically, and socially. After attaining numerous awards for leadership both in the classroom and on the athletic field, he used these traits in the corporate world. 

Charles attended Winston-Salem State University until his passion for leading led him to opportunities that would take him to new heights. His professional career began as Sr. Vice-President of Marketing & Promotions for Danbla Records, an independent recording company in Maple Wood, NJ. There he exposed the company and its artists to a national audience with an appearance on one of the national iconic television shows “The Jay Leno Show” and to international audiences with a concert tour of Italy. While developing nationwide relationships with retail music stores, radio and television stations, he took the plunge to create his own production and management company. 

The leadership skills Charles has developed throughout his life have led him to speak to literally thousands of people of various backgrounds. He has inspired and taught through his weekly inspirational teachings, various local and national news and magazine articles where he has been a featured writer or interviewee. His weekly “Encouraging Word” video message to subscribers, “The No Limit” internet radio show”, the “Motivational Monday” conference call as well as daily posts on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram social networks. Also, Charles is the author of the much-loved book entitled “I Am Sam” Ten Keys to Success from Green Eggs & Ham and the newly released “Affirmation: The Power of Words”. Charles also Pastors The Well Church, Raleigh, NC

Charles has been blessed to speak nationally for the National Symposium on Juvenile Services, on the collegiate level for UNC Chapel Hill, Winston Salem State University, and Robeson County Community College and Pembroke State University. Charles has also been fortunate to speak on the local level to community youth groups such as the Hoke County Daycare Association, the Robeson County Youth/Teens Association, Our Youth Matters Inc. of Wake County. He has presented to several business networking groups and Chambers of Commerce across the state of North Carolina. On the corporate level Charles has trained the senior management staff of NC Medical Board and Senior management staff of Allied International Refrigeration Corporation. Charles has been interviewed on national television and radio networks both sacred and secular. Charles’s goal and purpose in life is to be the coach, cheerleader and inspiration for people around the world helping them to go from good to great and from great to phenomenal!

Charles has been married for 30 years to the lovely Pamela Lane Johnson; they have two talented sons and four beautiful granddaughters.

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Ceanne Livingston
California, USA
Hi, my name is Ceanne Livingston, and I am a SRT Coach, Global Partner, as well as a Certified I.N.N. (Institute of Integrative Nutrition) Health Coach.

I help my clients get freedom and breakthrough when it comes to hitting their goals.

With a background in marketing and personal development, I focus on helping my clients launch, grow and scale their online business. 

Often what is stopping my clients from getting to their goals is fear, anxiety, procrastination, as well as impostor syndrome.

While goals and accountability are important, it is really our subconscious mind that creates All of our Results- both good and bad.

When you work with me, you will stop partnering with your childhood beliefs you created to keep you safe, or right, and start partnering with your soul purpose.

I currently reside in beautiful Northern California, I love outdoor adventures, including camping, prospecting for gold, and fishing.

I have 3 grown sons, and a ranch full of Jack Russell Terriers.

If you are ready to create new results, the ones you say you want, but may not be getting... book a call with me.

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Dianne Weightman
Perth Western, Australia
I am a mother of 4 children and a fur baby who I deeply love and adore. They too have been my greatest teachers to share greater clarity, awareness and understanding of life.
My passion is to help and teach as many people as I can to heal and be their true authentic selves.❤

I’ve been a professional Consultant & Energy worker since 2009 along with my intuition and life experiences, I believe in maintaining a positive mindset, creating partnerships with a purpose, and always striving for significant outcomes.
When you work with me, you will receive a collaboration with transparency and consistency.

My goal is to help you re-imagine your life and let go of programs, beliefs and behaviours that undermine you, so that a renewed and fulfilled you can emerge. With experience in SRT Coaching and my intuition, my tailored approach will help you attain your goals.

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Lisa Basil
New Jersey, USA
Hi my name is Lisa Basil, and I am on a journey to bring joy back into both a person's heart, and their home. I use SRT techniques to help people bring love and light back into their lives by releasing negativity and fears. I also am a HypnoBirthing Practitioner dedicated to empowering women to be able to have a calm and relaxed birthing experience. 

Together with SRT and guided meditations we work on releasing fears, anxiety, and anything that prevents you from being your true self, as the Universe intended. 

I look forward to walking beside you on your journey.

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Nathaniel Brown
North Carolina, USA
Nathaniel J Brown is the founder of This-Functional Life and Wellness LLC, and is what some may call a Deep Well to drink from. He is an advocate for a more Ancient Way. 

With over 30 years of living the lies, pushing the boundaries, shelving belief systems and coming into his own identity. Nathaniel has now made it his mission to show you how to Set Your Mind Free! He is intently focused on empowering you to Raise Your Vibrations, Shift Your Mindset, Heal Your Life, and Change Your World. Welcome to the Functional Life.

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Kristi Sawyer
Kansas, USA
Hi!! I am so excited that you are here! Are you a sincere Christian, diligent about spiritual growth, yet still hitting areas of your life that just won’t give way no matter how much time you spend in prayer, Bible study, volunteering or just “being good”? Then you my friend are in the right place. 

So many Christians go through learning about God’s love, yet still feel depressed. They are taught about the crucified life, and yet their addictions remain. Or they focus on their “security in Christ” yet their panic attacks are unyielding. 

Don’t get me wrong…it’s not that they aren’t getting better and experiencing some relief from these approaches. People can absolutely improve from many clinical conditions through the very powerful elements of prayer, learning Scripture, and repentance.   

As a Certified SRT Clearing Coach, a Licensed Specialist Clinical Social Worker (LSCSW) for 30 years, a Certified Exorcist/Deliverance Minister, and Christian Life Coach I will help you grow past your stuck places. 

Instead of just helping depressed people cope better with depression, I help them get undepressed. 

Instead of helping anxious people deal with their anxiety, I help them get over it completely.

Instead of helping people struggling with relationship issues cope better with their challenges, I help them grow their ability to be intimate and experience deep satisfying connections.

I can't wait to meet you..let's do this!!

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Karen Sarmento
Massachusetts, USA
Hello!! I am Karen!!! I am a Certified SRT Coach and Nurse Practitioner specialized in Cardiology.

My passion has always been helping people to be healthy.... Mind, Body, and Spirit!

In addition to a great understanding of the physical body I have been on a personal journey to better understand how the mind works. In doing so, I have learned how your mind can work for you rather than against you. 

My passion is helping women learn to love themselves unconditionally.

My goal is to support you throughout your journey toward self love, confidence, and peace. I have a particular interest in helping those struggling with grief,loss, and addiction. I look forward to a spiritual journey with you while co-creating the greatest version of yourself.

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Monika Huppertz
Alberta, Canada
Go from limited to limitless! My intention is to be a super intuitive
channel to your needs, that you receive a great gain, and that you leave our session feeling happier and satisfied.

Using SRT, your subconscious mind will help you attain your clearing and healing goals. Your physical, mental, and emotional aspects will be altered with the release of negative feelings and emotions. You WILL feel
lighter and freer. Your blocks to receiving positive emotions are removed. You’ll move ahead faster and easier. New affirmations seal in the healing.

Overall, a renewed and fulfilled mind, body and spirit are achieved.

I bring over 25 years of energy healing modalities experience to the table.

Often described as fun, fresh, and forever seeking new ways to make your healing journey a wonderful experience, I would be honored to work with you to achieve solutions to your resolutions.

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Maria Ferrer
California, USA
Hi! My name is Maria Ferrer and I am a SRT Coach and a Partner. I am a coach for “Results” My biggest passion is to help my clients to discover their own power and see them thrive for success. What I know for sure is that all of us are geniuses and capable of accomplishing whatever we want in our life with the right coach. I considered myself that I accomplished a lot of success and achieved multiple goals. After I discovered SRT I realized that the best was about to happen in my life! Great expertise in the Corporate arena, I can help you to drive your professional career and reach your highest potential. Coaching Leads, Managers, Directors, CEO's, Presidents, Vice-Presidents is my passion.  

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Han Epskamp
Almere, Netherlands
Han is a Mind & Energy Mentor and certified Reiki healer and also uses the great tool of the SRT (Subconscious Release Technique) to get rid of your blocking beliefs and programs.

He specializes in self-confidence and leadership and helps people clarify their goals and how to achieve those. 

During the lockdown in The Netherlands he helped dozens of people overcoming their fear and anxiety..

Han is successful as a songwriter, has his own musical project LIFE-WORK and has also coached artists in The Netherlands. He can do sessions in English or Dutch.

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Michelle graniel
Texas, USA
Michelle Graniel is a bilingual (Spanish/English) Transformational Coach, Magnetic Master and Intuitive Healer. 

She combines experience and intuition to guide you through a deep dive to heal emotional trauma, clear limiting beliefs and programs and transmute energy blocks. She focuses on the Four Bodies, physical, emotional, spiritual and mental, to create inside balance and wellness outside.

Her mission is to impact peoples lives and raise human consciousness.

Her clients are dedicated men and women who are fully committed to their transformation, ready to uncover their full potential and become totally magnetic.

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Michelle Graniel es Coach Transformacional, Master Magnética y Sanadora Intuitiva. Combina su experiencia e intuición y te guía en un clavado hacia tu interior para sanar el trauma emocional, liberar creencias y programas limitantes y transmutar bloqueos energéticos, Se enfoca en trabajar sobre los Cuatro Cuerpos, físico, emocional, espiritual y mental para crear balance interno y bienestar externo.

Su misión es impactar la vida de las personas y aumentar la conciencia humana.
Sus clientes son hombres y mujeres totalmente comprometidos con su transformación, que están listos para descubrir su potencial y convertirse en personas altamente magnéticas.

Dale click aquí para agendar tu sesión gratuita con Michelle G…
Bernadette Khalil
Quebec City, Canada
Get the rapid change you seek by connecting to God's love, compassion, and the Light within You to see the light in each situation.
*Working together will allow you to experience a peaceful and gentle yet powerful energetic release from any cares, concerns, worry, anxiety, memories, programs, experiences, and beliefs that are holding you.

*Will help you feel free to reveal your divine uniqueness.

*To create a life that you love and appreciate.

*To impact your world and the world.

My name is Bernadette Khalil; honored and blessed to be here.
At a young age, I prayed to God to help me find tools to lift the people's spirit around me to add more joy and peace to their life.
From 1977 I had the privilege to teach the Divine art of the Sacred belly dance, expanded through energy healing, a certified Reiki Master, Chelason, Therapeutic touch, EFT, Bars practitioner, the Release technique.

I was divinely inspired to create and teach IKAA, BEKAA, BEKAABoxe, offering guided meditation groups, directing spiritual retreats.

And now I feel the privilege and the honor to be an SRT partner and Coach.

I thank you and wish you love, peace, joy, and freedom.

I could gladly serve you in French, English, or Arabic.

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Sherri Favors
Georgia, USA
Hey there! My name is Sherri Favors and I am a SRT coach, educator, speaker and ordained prophetess. I am passionate about helping others live their best life possible. 

Using SRT, my background as an Angelic Healer, Reiki Level II Practitioner, and inherited holistic healing gifts, I strive to help clients break through stress, anxiety, and limiting beliefs to find healing, peace, clarity, and joy. 

Goal- oriented yet compassionate, I specialize in creating personal shifts and emotional healing in children and adults. Let’s work together to conquer the journey between where you are and where you desire to be!

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Adriana Espino
Texas, USA
Adriana is an SRT Intuitive Coach ❤

She loves to help women achieve their goals, release resistance and create the life of their dreams from the inside out, because that’s the easiest and most effective way.

Adriana combines SRT with the Law of Attraction, Quantum Science, Neuroscience, Success Principles and Light Body techniques to facilitate Deep Personal Transformation with her clients.

As a mom of 2 girls she knows the importance of loving yourself and model with your own behavior and energy so they can live free of judgement, have a healthy self esteem and thrive!
Adriana speaks Spanish and English, and is familiar with the emotional challenges that brings leaving behind your whole life, career and family to move to a new country and start over in your adulthood.

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Desiree January
Washington DC, USA
Desiree is passionate about helping you reach your goals by using the SRT Technique and Intuitive coaching.
Whether it be with your personal relationships or career, she will help you to clear any blocks or limiting beliefs. 

Clients have described her as a "breath of fresh air" because they are never the same after working with her.

No matter what you may be going through, she is always here for you. Be prepared for major shifts in your life!

Click below to schedule your FREE 30-minute SRT Energy Clearing session with Desiree...
Judy LeGrand Ph.D.
Illinois, USA
Judy is an Empath, Intuitive, SRT Partner with multiple healing certifications including Reiki Master, Quantum Healing, and a certified SRT Mind & Energy Coach. She specializes in releasing past traumas, emotional blocks, limiting beliefs, relationship challenges and so much more.
After Judy’s mom died of a heart condition when she was only 15, Judy suffered from clinical depression. Seeking alternative avenues to heal after modern medicine had failed her, she turned to personal development. Ever since then she has committed herself to personal growth and it has become her passion and purpose. Judy’s magnetism attracts clients from all over the world. She truly understands the impact of her coaching and genuinely cares about others personal growth. She believes that your success is her success. Results are her priority.

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Juanita Mancini
Cape Town, South Africa
Juanita has lectured extensively in her field at academic institutions and within the corporate sector. She has worked on various United Nations Projects as well.
Juanita's passion is to help you step up your game and unleash the life you’ve always wanted.
Juanita specializes in clearing past traumas, releasing emotional blocks and programs in self-sabotage, self-love and self-doubt.

Her typical clients are leveling up and wanting to make a difference in their lives.

Click below to schedule your FREE 30-minute SRT Energy Clearing session with Juanita...
Maria Barrie
Idaho, USA
Maria Barrie is married with two children and is a Certified Surgical Technologist. She has been in the health care field for over 10 years and has been practicing Emotional Energy work for 4 years. Her passion for energy work began when her son was born with birth defects and she started looking into alternate forms of healing. Maria specializes in deep level clearing and she's looking forward to learning more about your story.

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I’m offering a limited number of FREE 30-min Powerful SRT Energy Clearing Sessions (these are done over the phone so you can live anywhere).

Straight to the point Energetic Subconscious Clearing getting to the root causes of your mental blocks. Usually stemming from childhood traumas, or major life events that crush the soul. You will get massive clarity and shifts in just one session.

For some of you...this is the answer you have been praying for.

My spots fill up quickly so message me right away or click the link below to get booked.

Mac Grant
Co-Founder of SRT Global

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